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Reverend Frank Wright: Live in Ulm, March 4th, 1990

Frank Wright (09.July 1935, Grenada, Mississippi - 17.May 1990, Wuppertal).

Difficult to believe there exists a recording just two months before Rev. Frank Wright flew from this earth. This tape is not at all widely circulated... the quality of the performance represented by this trio is fantastic, and unlike anything I've experienced from his compelling legacy of mysterious communications. Sonic treatment/effects to the tenor saxophone are tasteful and well-manicured, dripping and dissolving into the contours of Wollny's sonic framework as electric bass guitar. The drums are definitely the caboose for this ensemble - highly charged, yet delicate, weaving a fine thread whose breath gently enshrouds the lyric of FW's tenor saxophone. The overall motion of this performance (including the audience) gave me the sensation of being in the backseat of a flying car, with Frank at the wheel, in transit from the earth as it is now to a glimpse of a world in a state of recovery - full of hope, humor, and healing. Thanks go out to Hannes, for sharing his tape of the event... blessings!

Reverend Frank Wright live in Ulm, 04.March 1990
Frank Wright.....ts,acl,voice
Frank Wollny.....el.bass

Ulm/D, Galerie Holmat the occasion of a vernissage of ar.penck´s(aka Ralf Winkler) graphical works

One set only.1) 15:402) 04:593) 07:504) 15:105) 02:25total: 46:08

Unusual setting: the venue was - and still is - a gallery for contemporary art in Ulm, Germany, still operating, but in other rooms now.

If interested, see:

They started doing this kind of thing in 1989, a year before this concert.
Very crowded, very difficult to record (standing resp. constantly being moved around), with definitely more the population of an art vernissage rather than a jazz-crowd, but still worthwile and very special (i am quite sure this is the only existing recording).

source: sony WMD6C / mic. ECM929LT / aud.cass. sony UX-S90 lineage: orig. master-cass.

Download this show ENJOY!!!

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